Frank Camper



When you read a book about some incredible combat or espionage operation, how do you know it's true?

Frank Camper survived a career of clandestine and covert missions for the United States and friendly foreign governments around the world. He publicly testified about what part of his life could be declassified before the Senate Foreign Relations, (Subcommittee on Terrorism, Narcotics, and Internal Operations) following Iran-Contra.

Retired to writing and security consulting, portions of his nonfiction books LRRP and MERC were selected for references in the RAND Study: Urban Battle Fields of South Asia (Lessons Learned from Sri Lanka, India, and Pakistan), and in the Global War on Terrorism combat studies paper, Eyes Behind The Lines, US Army Long-Range Reconnaissance and Surveillance Units.

For serious government agency study or personal entertainment, with Frank Camper you get the real thing.


About Frank Camper:

The majority of Frank's professional background is still highly classified, but in July 1988 he testified publicly to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about a lifetime of covert and clandestine operations for the US government.

His testimony was supported by over a thousand pages of documents released by CIA, Army Intelligence, and other agencies.

The highlights of his career include service in Vietnam as a Ranger, and years of working under cover in many international locales to penetrate terrorist organizations for the US and friendly foreign governments. His experiences run from federal imprisonment until his identity was admitted to by the Secretary of the Army, to acknowledgement by the FBI that Frank was personally responsible for preventing the assassination of Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Ghandi in 1985, while Ghandi was in the US on a diplomatic mission.

Frank has appeared on the Today Show, Larry King Live, and been the subject of a 60 Minutes segment, and to date has published over ten books and novels in the US and Japan. His life story has been optioned for a feature film.

Today, Frank is retired to writing in his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama, where he lives with Mavis, his wife since 1964.


Frank is represented by Mark Sullivan Associates, a literary agency in New York City. Feel welcome to contact Mark Sullivan directly with any questions or requests for interviews or permissions.